Energy Efficient Spaces

  • Actual vs. Projection

  • Consumption vs. Outdoor temp

  • Manage Max Demand vs. Sanction Load

  • Power Factor Monitoring

RoI < 12 Months · Energy Use Patterns · Avoid Penalties

Customer Profiles

Multi Storeyed


Distributed Operations

Single Tenancy

Multi Tenancy

Bank and Insurance Offices

Stores Chains: Retail, Food and Grocery




Hospitality and Health Care

IT & ITES and Offices



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Average Energy Saving

IoT2020 Award

For resource optimization & conservation

CII Award

“most innovative energy saving product”

Microsoft Award

Microsoft Highway to 100 Unicorns

Energy Efficient Spaces


Maximum Demand

Sanction Load

  • Machine Learning & AI algorithms deliver Energy Savings

  • Actual Consumption vs. Projection and vs. Ambient Weather

  • Maximum Demand vs. Sanction load: minimise on the fixed usage charges

  • Power Factor monitoring

Energy Saving 12 Month ROI

Full Spectrum HVAC

Chiller Plant Manager Leaving Water Setpoint: ambient temperature and chiller loading Scheduling: Chillers and pumps Monitoring: Energy, Chillers, Pumps, Alerts
AHU Non DX Smart Schedules Monitor: Temperature and Humidity, CO2, Alerts Healthy Air: UVGI, Ozone and Air Economiser
AHU Ducted and Packaged Transformation from standalone to connected Smart Schedules Monitor: Temp & Humidity, CO2, Alerts Healthy Air: UVGI, Ozone and Air Economiser
VRV VRF Control: All IUDs, Splits, Cassettes, Ducted Smart Schedules Monitor: Temp & Humidity, CO2, Alerts BACnet connectivity to OEM controller
Splits and Cassettes IR Remote Configured Smart Schedules Motion Enabled Zones Non intrusive, No alteration of AC equipment

Energy Saving · Centralized Asset Management · Mobile App · RoI < 12 Months

  • High Footfall Hours

  • User Overrides

Adaptive Thermal Comfort and  Smart Schedules

Advance Controls

  • Airside Economiser

  • Demand Control Ventilation

  • Indoor Humidity

  • Heat Gain hours

  • Baseline Schedule 

  • Outdoor Weather


Healthy Spaces


  • Away and secured in machine room, inside AHU: No radiations in work area, On the Fly Sanitization from viruses and bacteria

  • Prevention of MOLD/MILDEW formation on AHU cooling coils resulting in energy savings


UVGI inside AHU

Safe and On-the-Fly


  • Ozone oxidizes the proteinous material containing RNA and completely kills virus and bacteria

  • Ozone is also a powerful Deodorizers

  • Ozone being a gas reaches every corner

  • Operated during off hours

    Fresh Air


  • Small Spaces: Inline fans

  • Large Spaces: AHUs with fresh air dampers

  • Infuse outside fresh air as per ASHRAE recommendation to deliver:

    • Airside economiser and

    • Demand Control Ventilation

Airside economizer


  • Reduce mechanical cooling by use of outside cold air

  • Energy saving and improved Indoor air quality

  • Ideal during cold seasons and night time


Demand control ventilation

  • Modulate fresh air dampers as per indoor 


       CO2 levels

  • Energy-saving and improved Indoor air quality



Cloud · MobileAPP · Security

AgileWorks is full stack IoT platform built over robust security architecture that is 3rd party audited. AgileWorks delivers alert based monitoring. Mobile application delivers full command and control of every equipment from anywhere

AgileCentrum Cloud Application Server Wide Area Network 2G 3G 4G LL Broadband AgileWise Gateway and Web Application Wireless Network Equipment HVAC, Lighting, Freezers, UPS & Batteries, etc Mobility Security: VPN, Authentication, Encryption, Third party audited AgileEnd Point AgileEnd Point AgileEnd Point AgileEnd Point


Body and Soul

  • Industry Grade Engineering

  • User Friendly UI

  • Mobile App for convenience and No Touch Operations

  • Fully Wireless

  • Over The Air Updates

MQTT Isometric Diagrams-1.png
MQTT Isometric Diagrams-9.png
MQTT Isometric Diagrams-5.png



  • Any cloud

  • Scalable

  • Secured

  • WiFi


BMS and IoT


To integrate BMS and IoT on one platform is to have the best of both the worlds. 

BMS focus on operational aspects whereas IoT is designed for optimization

IoT over BMS:

  • IoT is NextGen and Simplified

  • BMS is legacy and complex

  • IoTs is open architected

  • BMS is proprietary

  • Power of cloud:

    • On-Demand limitless compute and storage

    • Powerful Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence services and analytical insights

  • Power of mobility:

    • In control from anywhere and any device

Agile Team

Product is as good as the team


Nitin Nistane

Founder & CEO

  • Serial Entrepreneur

  • 30 years of technology leadership

  • BITS Pilani alumnus


Arvind Khungar

Founder & CSO

  • Distinguished sales career

  • Over 30 years with large multinational

  • BITS Pilani alumnus


Anand Aurangabadkar

Founder & CFO

  • Serial Entrepreneur

  • 30 years in Finance & Admin

  • Chartered Accountant


Bhushan Jagirdar


  • Subject Matter Expert

  • Over 20 years of MEP experience

  • Member ASHRAE, ISHRAE, IIE Mech

Experienced · Serial Entrepreneurs · Covering all bases: Product Development · Sales and Marketing · Finance · Subject Matter Expertise